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    As part of the service, TV wall mount brackets can be supplied and fitted for any TV, regardless of size. Pre-purchased or existing wall mount brackets can be installed if preferred.

    Prior to any work being undertaken, all individual requirements are discussed with the customer, including the option to hide all unsightly cabling. This way the team can ensure that the results not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

    Using the TV wall mounting service, you can be safe in the knowledge that your TV’s will all be installed to achieve the highest quality finish.

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    Multiroom Audio

    Multi-room audio is the ability to play or stream music to multiple rooms/locations within the house.

    With multi-room audio installation, speakers can be powered from a central system with all cabling hidden, leaving only your choice of speakers on show. If you don’t want to see standard speakers on display then ceiling speakers are a great alternative to offer a modern, tidy finish.

    The two systems we generally recommend are Denon HEOS and Sonos, both offering a range of wireless speakers to suit any size room.

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    HEOS Speakers

    The HEOS range currently includes four standalone speakers, HEOS 1HEOS 3HEOS 5 & HEOS 7. An option available for every room in your home.

    HEOS Soundbars
    There are two options when it comes to improving the sound from your TV. You could simply choose the HEOS HOMECINEMA soundbar which comes complete with a wireless subwoofer. The second option would be to choose the HEOS BAR, which when combined with the HEOS SUBWOOFER and other products in the range, allows you to create a wireless 5.1 surround sound system.
    HEOS Amplifiers
    With three amplifier options, you might be spoilt for choice. The HEOS Link allows you to add the HEOS functionality to your existing stereo amplifier or AV receiver. A pair of stereo speakers can be powered by the HEOS Amp, or for the HEOS enthusiast, the new HEOS AVR gives you full 5.1 surround sound with your own preferred choice of speakers.
    SONOS Speakers
    There are currently three standalone speakers within the Sonos range. The PLAY:1PLAY:3 & PLAY:5 have all been designed to provide audio no matter the size of the room.
    SONOS Soundbars
    If you are looking to improve your TV’s sound then you have two choices in the Sonos range. Firstly there is the SONOS PLAYBAR and secondly the SONOS PLAYBASE. Each can be combined with the additional SONOS SUB for that extra bass and should you want to go for an all-out surround sound then you can add a couple of rear speakers to complete your 5.1 setup.
    SONOS Amplifiers
    The Sonos range is completed with the SONOS CONNECT, which allows you to add Sonos functionality to your existing audio setup and the SONOS CONNECT:AMP which allows you to set up an audio zone using either your existing speakers or a new set of your choosing.

    Home Cinema Installation

    Looking for a Home Cinema Installation, then why not get in touch to get your free consultation booked in today.

    With TV’s getting larger and equipment prices coming down on a seemingly weekly basis, having that big screen experience in the comfort of your own home is now easily achievable. 
    You may be looking for brand new state of the art equipment to be installed into a dedicated cinema room or your own pre-purchased equipment fitted. Alternatively, the same cinema room experience can be achieved in smaller living spaces with a wall mounted TV, ceiling speakers and an AV receiver.

    Arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

    To create the full cinema room experience.

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    The installation would typical include –

    • TV’s/Projectors
    • Projector Screens
    • AV Receivers
    • Blu-ray Players/DVD Players
    • Media Streamers
    • Wall mounted Speakers
    • In-Ceiling Speakers
    • Surround Sound systems

    As well as supplying and installing the above equipment, all essential cabling is included. Should you require any repairs or servicing to an existing home cinema installation please contact the team to discuss your needs further.  

    Home Network Installations

    Wired Networks

    Installing network cables into your home or business may initially feel like a step backwards, but it is a proven fact that a hardwired connection is more dependable than the Wi-Fi equivalent. More specifically, if you are considering streaming any type of Audio, Video or Data between any network attached devices (Computer, Laptop, Network attached storage (NAS), Games console or TV’s), hardwiring is highly recommended.

    Wireless Networks

    Although most homes have at least one wireless (Wi-Fi) router set up for internet, unfortunately it is not always the most reliable connection for all of your devices. The connection can often be affected by a number of factors in and around the home, a major one being newly installed steels in extensions. Using additional Wi-Fi access points throughout properties we can make sure that dead spots are a certain thing of the past.

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    If you have any type of wireless router and an internet connection in your house then you essentially have the basis of a home network.

    We have the expertise to expand on this using a mixture of technologies, ensuring your devices stay connected whatever the circumstances. This is achieved by using a combination of both wired and Wi-Fi technologies.

    Sky & Aerial Installations

    The majority of UK households now own more than a single TV, which naturally presents the need for multiple TV aerial or Sky Points throughout the home. Streetwise Aerials have been providing customers with all TV aerials and Sky / Satellite installation and distribution across Cheshire and South Manchester for over 30 years, before expanding to join inHome Media Solutions.

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